Solo Exhibition. June 2020

video work by Haraldur Karlsson.

‍ Since 2014, Haraldur has been working on videos based on magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and he simply calls it Brain. Science is learning more and more about the brain, and magnetic resonance MRI plays a big role at gaining a better understanding of the brain’s functioning and development. Through the MRIs, Haraldur has em- barked on his own artistic exploration expedition on the subject, where he uses an image editing program to travel through unknown areas and draw pat- terns, paths and chemical reactions.

‍ Recently, he also received magnetic resonance imaging of a heart that he uses in the same way that appears in this exhibition with images of his brain. Part of the installation in the Reykjanesbær Art Museum is also based on abstract visual material that deals with the same subject but is worked directly into image processing programs. The work is a long-term project, made as a direct continuation of the Little Solar System (2000-2022).

video work by Haraldur Karlsson.

Commissioned by Reykjarnes art Museum

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